Weight 20 kg
Sizes 30 × 30 × 150 cm

Lambadir Crystal by Asfour.
All materials are stainless steel 304, resistant to rust and oxidation.
Two years warranty for the product with a lifetime warranty for stainless steel and crystal.
Including the lighting unit white or yellow and swelling with the flexibility to control the choice of color.
The product is ready for immediate and direct installation, without the need for an installation technician, assembly or electrical connections.
Easy to move and move to any place inside the house with the flexibility to choose the color of lighting: white, white, yellow, or mix according to the need for the required lighting color.
Dazzling lighting due to the perpendicularity of the lighting on the crystal and a continuous change in the form of decoration inside all rooms due to freedom and ease of movement.
Dimensions: – 150 cm high, 45 cm wide x 25 cm wide.