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  • Top phospho to contain a high and distinct percentage of the elements phosphorous and potassium, which fill the plant’s need of these two elements throughout its life.
  • Top Phospho-K is a compound that works to increase the root total and increase the rate of flowering and knots.
  • Top phospho-ki is a compound that improves the qualities of fruits as it leads to uniform size and color and a high percentage of sugars in fruits.
  • Top phospho in order to increase production, improve the quality of fruits and coloration, increase export opportunities, and early and ripening.
  • Potassium plays an important role in the transfer of sugars and the increase in the proportion of carbohydrates.
  • Top Phospho-K is a compound that has an important role in increasing respiration, metabolism and cell division.
  • Top phospho to help the plant overcome adverse environmental stress conditions.
  • Top phosphoki is a fully soluble fertilizer and therefore used during modern irrigation systems and has an acidic effect on the soil, which leads to an increase in the plant’s resistance to fungal and bacterial diseases.

Types of crops in which the compound is used: It is used with all vegetables, fruits, field crops, medicinal and aromatic plants and ornamental plants. 

Usage rates (dose/acre): 

  1. In the case of foliar spray: 100-150 g / 100 liters of water. Depending on the size, nature and type of the crop.
  2. In the case of ground addition with irrigation water:

the plants

Addition rates (kg/fed) Add time
field 1.5 – 2 During the stages of vegetative growth and flowering and during the growth and development of fruits
vegetables 1.5 – 2.5
the fruit 2 – 2.5

Dilution: 1-1.5 g/L of water.

Mixability: Take into account mixing experiment.
Registration number: 16587


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